Reporting bugs and requesting features#

Before reporting a bug or requesting a new feature, make sure you’ve done these first:

  • Check that someone hasn’t already filed the bug or feature request by searching the “Issues” for the repo in question, or in the “Reef” repository.
  • If it’s for Ask, check the features in our Trello board.
  • Don’t reopen issues that have been marked “wontfix” by a core developer.

Reporting bugs#

We use GitHub Issues to track bugs. Each Coral component app has its own repository, but since it may not be clear precisely which component the bug is originating from, we use the Reef repository to track bugs.

Complete, reproducible, specific bug reports are very helpful. When writing a bug report, be sure to include the following:

  • A clear description of the issue.
  • A set of instructions for replicating it.

Add as much additional information as you can, such as code snippets, logs, and screenshots. A small test case is ideal.

Reporting user interface bugs and features#

If your bug or feature request involves the user interface, include screenshots in your ticket. Try to make the screenshots small enough to only show the relevant area of the screen, but large enough to provide context for that area.

Requesting features#

We want your help in deciding what to build! We have a section of our community dedicated to each of our main software products:

When submitting a feature request, try to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Describe clearly what the feature is and how you’d like to see it implemented.
  • Explain why you’d like the feature.
  • If the feature can be developed as a plug-in or extension to Coral, consider developing it yourself as a plug-in and adding it to our code base.