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IE11 Compatibility

We strive to make the Comment Stream Embed usable in IE11 without being pixel-perfect. If you develop on the Comment Stream you need to be aware of the following:

CSS Variables#

In order to support IE11 on the Comment Stream, every time new CSS is loaded, you need to call polyfillCSSVarsForIE11().

import { polyfillCSSVarsForIE11 } from "coral-framework/helpers";
const loadProfileContainer = () =>  import("./ProfileContainer" /* webpackChunkName: "profile" */).then((x) => {    // New css is loaded, take care of polyfilling those css vars for IE11.    polyfillCSSVarsForIE11();    return x;  });

CSS Calc#

Various bugs exist around calc support in IE11 (see We work around most of them by pre-transforming calc values using postcss-calc-function. Some CSS attributes might have an issue if you use css-variables inside calc.