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Talk currently supports 3 types of email notifications.

  1. When someone replies to my comment
  2. When a staff member replies to my comment
  3. When my comment gets featured

Talk support 3 options for notification frequency: immediately, hourly or daily. Commenters can also opt-out of email notifications. Notifications are set to OFF by default.

Commenters cannot enable notifications until they have verified their email.

Note: Notifications are not currently supported for users that sign-up via Facebook or Google auth, or don’t have an email attached to their account for any other reason.

Configuring SMTP

You must setup SMTP to use notifications. The following ENV variables must be set:

Enabling Notifications

Enabling the talk-plugin-notifications creates a NotificationManager that creates and manages events send from the event emitter that is linked to the Graph API PubSub system.

Adding the talk-plugin-notifications plugin will also enable the notifications plugin hook. Any plugin that registers before the talk-plugin-notifications plugin will get picked up by.

See for an example.

Notification Categories

Talk currently supports the following Notifications options out of the box:

talk-plugin-notifications-category-reply talk-plugin-notifications-category-staff-reply talk-plugin-notifications-category-featured

Notification Digests

Talk supports hourly and daily digests out the box, if you would like to create your own, refer to the below:

Connect API

This exposes the graph/connectors.js via the connect hook.

  module.exports = {
    connect(connectors) {
      // use `connectors`, contents of

See for an example.

Email Templates

Email templates are text based and support translations. If you would like to create a new email template, you can register it via the Connect API, see