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Moderator Features

The Talk Admin

The Admin is your moderators will moderate your comments, and your Admins will configure and manage the different parts of Talk.


This is the tab where Moderators will spend the majority of their time. They can choose (via the dropdown) which story they would like to moderate, or moderate site-wide.

Default Mod Queues


The New queue contains all comments that have not been moderated yet.


The Reported queue contains all comments that need moderator attention.


The Approved queue contains all approved comments.


The Rejected queue contains all comments that have been rejected, either manually by moderators or automatically, e.g. they have used a banned word.


The All queue contains all comments that have been submitted either article or site-wide.

Moderation Badges


The Pre-mod badge signifies comments that are being pre-modded.


The User badge signifies comments that have been reported by another user.


The History badge signifies comments that have been flagged because of a user’s history.


The Toxic badge signifies comments that are above the set Toxicity Probability Threshold. Note you must have talk-plugin-toxic-comments enabled. Read more about Toxic Comments here.


The Suspect badge signifies comments that contain a Suspect Word.

Contains Link

The Contains Link badge signifies a comment that contains a link, which can sometimes mean it is a spam or ad comment.

Flag Details View

At the bottom of each comment in the moderation queues, you can see more information about a comment’s flags by clicking on More Detail.

Moderator Actions


Accepting a comment ensures that the comment is displayed on the stream.


Rejecting a comment removes the comment from the stream.


Featuring a comment adds that comment to the Featured Comments tab on the stream.

Suspend User

Suspending a user allows a moderator to give a commenter a “time-out”; during that time they won’t be allowed to post comments or react to comments.

Ban User

Banning a user allows a moderator to permanently disallow a commenter to interact with their community. The commenters previous comments will remain on the site. This action can only be un-done manually by a moderator.

Viewing a User’s Comment History

In order to get an idea of what sort of a commenter someone is, moderators can click on the commenters username in any moderation queue and see details about their history.

Username, Email and Member Since Date

This shows the basic details about a commenter.

Total Comments

This shows the number of comments that a commenter has made that currently display on the site.

Reject Rate

This shows the % of comments a commenter has had rejected by moderators, or automatically.


This shows if a commenter is a reliable flagger, an unreliable flagger, or a neutral flagger. Read more about reliable and unreliable flaggers here.

Moderating from this View

Talk also allows you to moderate a commenters recent comments from this view.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Talk also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts that moderators can leverage to moderate quickly:

Shortcut Action
j Go to the next comment
k Go to the previous comment
ctrl+f Open search
t Switch queues
z Zen mode
? Open this menu
d Approve
f Reject

Note: “Zen mode” allows a moderator to view and action only one comment at a time. Enjoy the silence!


In the Stories tab moderators can view all the stories that have Talk comments embedded on them, as well as be able to Open or Close comment streams on stories.


The Community tab houses everything having to do with your team and your commenters.

Moderating Usernames

Any usernames that have been reported will show in the Reported Usernames sub-tab. Moderators can approve usernames if they’re suitable, or reject a username. If a username is rejected, the commenter will be notified that they need to change their username; until they do, they will be suspended from Talk. The updated username then again appears in this queue for a decision by moderators.

Managing People & Roles

All your team and commenters show in the People sub-tab. From here, you can manage your team members’ roles (Admins, Moderators, Staff), as well as search for commenters and take action on them (e.g. Ban/Un-ban, Suspend, etc.).


See Configuring Talk.

Moderating via the Comment Stream

Moderators can also choose to moderate comments in situ. If you are logged in as a Moderator or Admin, you will see a caret dropdown on each comment that allows you to Approve, Reject, or Feature comments, or Ban a User directly from the comment stream.