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Migrating from Talk v4.x to Coral v7+: Auth strategies

Coral v7+ supports more authentication strategies than v4 out of the box with no plugins required. Read more about social authentication strategies and OIDC (new)

SSO in v7+#

In Legacy Coral, SSO authentication required:

  1. a service to generate JWTs
  2. a custom plugin to create and authenticate talk users from the JWTs

In Coral v7+, user creation and authentication is handled by Coral, to authenticate, you need to generate a JWT that matches the Coral format, sign it with the secret provided by Coral, and pass that JWT to Coral in the embed code.

Find out how to generate a signed token. Note that the fields are different:

  • jti: now optional
  • exp: now optional
  • iat: new when the token was issued
  • sub: deprecated replaced by
  • new, required
  • user.username: new required
  • new required replaces sub
  • user.badges: new optional
  • user.role: new optional
  • user.url: new optional
  • iss: deprecated
  • aud: deprecated

Read more about SSO configuration