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Troubleshooting Tips

How do I find out what version I'm running?#

If you visit one of the following endpoints, Coral will return the version you're running and the hash for the latest commit.

  • /api/v1 (works for 4.x.x versions)
  • /api/version (works for 5.x.x versions)

I've installed Coral but I can't see the comment stream appear on my articles#

  • Make sure you've adding the correct domains to your Permitted Domains
  • Make sure you've correctly added the embed via your CMS to your article pages
  • Check the console for any errors and you can file a bug via support if you can't resolve the issue

My commenters are reporting they can't see the comment stream, but I'm able to#

  • If this seems to be isolated to one commenter, it could be related to 3rd party cookies
  • Post 4.x Talk doesn't require 3rd party cookies to be enabled. Check the version of Talk you're using and you might consider upgrading.
  • A quick fix in the meantime is to ask them to allow 3rd party cookies
  • You could also try asking them to clear their browser cache

My commenters are reporting that they cannot login to Coral#

This depends greatly on what version of Coral you are using and which authentication strategies you've enabled. Some things to check are:

  • If using SSO, ensure that your JWT token settings, especially expiry, is being set correctly. You can troubleshoot JWT related issues with the JWT Debugger.
  • See if you can isolate if it's a particular group of users that are experiencing this issue, e.g., mods, admins, subscribers? Confirm they have the appropriate permissions to comment.
  • Note if this is a new issue that happened after an upgrade - did you read the release notes and confirm that any required manual or automatic database migrations run?
  • If you're still experiencing issues, log a support ticket so we can help diagnose the issue

If a user has been locked out due to too many failed login attempts:

  • How long does the user have to wait before they will be allowed to login? 10 mins