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Google Web Vitals#

As of May 2021, Google includes page experience metrics in their search ranking algorithm.

One of the aspects contributing to page experience is Cumulative Layout Score, or CLS. As Coral embeds are rendered after the initial render and are dynamically sized, they may contribute to layout shifts, but in our experience Coral usually has a minimal impact on CLS. Google only counts layout shifts on visible elements, and Coral is most likely to only impact the position of elements that are below the bottom of the viewport.

If you are concerned about CLS and want to ensure that Coral does not cause layout shifts, you may want to set a minimum height on the element Coral is rendered into, to reserve space for the embed.

Links in comments#

To prevent spam, by default all links shared in Coral comments will have a rel=nofollow attribute added to them.

Search Snippets#

Coral use the data-nosnippet attribute to prevent search engines from including comment content in search previews content.