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CreateCommentInput provides the input for the createComment Mutation.

type CreateCommentInput {  nudge: Boolean  storyID: ID!  body: String!  clientMutationId: String!  media: CreateCommentMediaInput  rating: Int}


nudge (Boolean)#

nudge when true will instead return an error related to recoverable moderation faults such as a toxic comment or spam comment to provide user feedback to nudge the user to correct the comment.

storyID (ID!)#

storyID is the ID of the Story where we are creating a comment on.

body (String!)#

body is the Comment body, the content of the Comment.

clientMutationId (String!)#

clientMutationId is required for Relay support.

media (CreateCommentMediaInput)#

media is the optional media attachment to be added to a Comment.

rating (Int)#

rating is the optional rating that can be added to a Comment.