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StoryMetadata stores all the metadata that is scraped using the scraping tools inside Coral. Coral utilizes metascraper which uses a variety of filters derived from The Open Graph Protocol to scan for metadata on the page.

type StoryMetadata {  title: String  author: String  description: String  image: String  publishedAt: Time  modifiedAt: Time  section: String}


title (String)#

title stores the scraped title from the Story page.

author (String)#

author stores the scraped author from the Story page.

description (String)#

description stores the scraped description from the Story page.

image (String)#

image stores the scraped image from the Story page.

publishedAt (Time)#

publishedAt stores the scraped publication date from the Story page.

modifiedAt (Time)#

modifiedAt stores the scraped modified date from the Story page.

section (String)#

section stores the scraped section from the Story page.