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type DSAReport {  id: ID!  referenceID: String!  submissionID: String!  reporter: User  comment: Comment  createdAt: Time!  status: DSAReportStatus  lawBrokenDescription: String!  additionalInformation: String!  decision: DSAReportDecision  history: [DSAReportHistoryItem]  lastUpdated: Time  relatedReports(    first: Int = 10    orderBy: REPORT_SORT = "CREATED_AT_DESC"    after: Cursor  ): DSAReportsConnection!}


id (ID!)#

referenceID (String!)#

referenceID is a human-friendly ID to keep track of the DSAReport

submissionID (String!)#

submissionID keeps track of comments that were submitted together in one form

reporter (User)#

user who submitted the DSAReport

comment (Comment)#

comment reported as containing illegal content

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is when the DSAReport was created

status (DSAReportStatus)#

status of DSAReport

lawBrokenDescription (String!)#

lawBrokenDescription is the text entered by the submitting user to describe which law is broken by the reported comment

additionalInformation (String!)#

additionalInformation is more explanation entereted by the submitting user to describe how the comment breaks the law

decision (DSAReportDecision)#

decision is the determination of whether the reported comment is illegal or not, as well as the legal grounds for the decision and additional detailed explanation of decision

history ([DSAReportHistoryItem])#

history includes report history items such as notes added to a report, when a report's status is changed, and if a decision is made regarding whether the related comment contains illegal content or not

lastUpdated (Time)#

lastUpdated is when the DSAReport last had an action created and added to its history, such as a note added, status changed, or decision made

relatedReports (DSAReportsConnection!)#

relatedReports are DSAReports that share a submissionID and were submitted at the same time in one illegal content report