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CommentStatusUpdatedPayload is returned when a Comment has it's status updated after it was created.

type CommentStatusUpdatedPayload {  newStatus: COMMENT_STATUS!  oldStatus: COMMENT_STATUS!  moderator: User  comment: Comment!}


newStatus (COMMENT_STATUS!)#

newStatus is the new status assigned to the Comment. This status may not match the status provided by comment.status due to race conditions in the data loaders.

oldStatus (COMMENT_STATUS!)#

oldStatus is the old status that was previously assigned to the Comment.

moderator (User)#

moderator is the User that updated the Comment's status. If null, then the system assigned the new Comment status (for example, when a comment is edited by the author, and now contains a banned word).

comment (Comment!)#

comment is the updated Comment after the status has been updated.