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Settings stores the global settings for a given Tenant.

type Settings {  id: ID!  domain: String!  webhooks: WebhookConfiguration!  webhookEvents: [WEBHOOK_EVENT_NAME!]!  staticURI: String  locale: Locale!  live: LiveConfiguration!  moderation: MODERATION_MODE  communityGuidelines: CommunityGuidelines!  premodLinksEnable: Boolean  closeCommenting: CloseCommenting!  customCSSURL: String  disableCommenting: DisableCommenting!  editCommentWindowLength: Int!  charCount: CharCount!  organization: Organization!  email: EmailConfiguration!  slack: SlackConfiguration!  wordList: WordList!  auth: Auth!  integrations: ExternalIntegrations!  recentCommentHistory: RecentCommentHistoryConfiguration!  reaction: ReactionConfiguration!  staff: StaffConfiguration!  accountFeatures: CommenterAccountFeatures!  stories: StoryConfiguration!  media: MediaConfiguration!  featureFlags: [FEATURE_FLAG!]!  createdAt: Time!  newCommenters: NewCommentersConfiguration!  premoderateSuspectWords: Boolean!  announcement: Announcement  multisite: Boolean!  rte: RTEConfiguration!  memberBios: Boolean!  amp: Boolean!}


id (ID!)#

id is a canonical identifier for this Tenant.

domain (String!)#

domain is the domain that is associated with this Tenant.

webhooks (WebhookConfiguration!)#

webhooks store the webhook configuration.

webhookEvents ([WEBHOOK_EVENT_NAME!]!)#

webhookEvents returns all the events that can trigger webhooks.

staticURI (String)#

staticURI if configured, is the static URI used to serve static files from.

locale (Locale!)#

locale is the specified locale for this Tenant.

live (LiveConfiguration!)#

live provides configuration options related to live updates for stories on this site.

moderation (MODERATION_MODE)#

moderation is the moderation mode for all Stories on the site.

communityGuidelines (CommunityGuidelines!)#

communityGuidelines will be shown in the comments stream.

premodLinksEnable (Boolean)#

premodLinksEnable will put all comments that contain links into premod.

closeCommenting (CloseCommenting!)#

closeCommenting contains settings related to the automatic closing of commenting on Stories.

customCSSURL (String)#

customCSSURL is the URL of the custom CSS used to display on the frontend.

disableCommenting (DisableCommenting!)#

disableCommenting will disable commenting site-wide.

editCommentWindowLength (Int!)#

editCommentWindowLength is the length of time (in seconds) after a comment is posted that it can still be edited by the author.

charCount (CharCount!)#

charCount stores the character count moderation settings.

organization (Organization!)#

organization stores information about the organization behind this specific instance of Coral.

email (EmailConfiguration!)#

email is the set of credentials and settings associated with the organization.

slack (SlackConfiguration!)#

slack is the configuration for slack communication

wordList (WordList!)#

wordList will return a given list of words.

auth (Auth!)#

auth contains all the settings related to authentication and authorization.

integrations (ExternalIntegrations!)#

integrations contains all the external integrations that can be enabled.

recentCommentHistory (RecentCommentHistoryConfiguration!)#

recentCommentHistory is the set of settings related to how automatic pre-moderation is controlled.

reaction (ReactionConfiguration!)#

reaction specifies the configuration for reactions.

staff (StaffConfiguration!)#

staff specifies the configuration for the staff badges assigned to users with any role above COMMENTER.

accountFeatures (CommenterAccountFeatures!)#

accountFeatures stores the configuration for commenter account features.

stories (StoryConfiguration!)#

stories stores the configuration around stories.

media (MediaConfiguration!)#

media is the configuration media content attached to Comment's.

featureFlags ([FEATURE_FLAG!]!)#

featureFlags provides the enabled feature flags.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is the time that the Settings was created at.

newCommenters (NewCommentersConfiguration!)#

newCommenters is the configuration for how new commenters comments are treated.

premoderateSuspectWords (Boolean!)#

premoderateSuspectWords when enabled will cause any comments that contain suspect words to be sent to pre-moderation to be reviewed by a moderator prior to being presented in stream.

announcement (Announcement)#

announcement is the currently active Announcement.

multisite (Boolean!)#

multisite is whether multiple sites exist for this tenant.

rte (RTEConfiguration!)#

rte is the configuration of the Rich-Text-Editor.

memberBios (Boolean!)#

memberBios is whether members can define a bio for their account.

amp (Boolean!)#

amp is whether Accelerated Mobile Pages Support is activated.