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Settings stores the global settings for a given Tenant.

type Settings {  id: ID!  domain: String!  webhooks: WebhookConfiguration!  webhookEvents: [WEBHOOK_EVENT_NAME!]!  staticURI: String  locale: Locale!  live: LiveConfiguration!  moderation: MODERATION_MODE  premoderateAllCommentsSites: [ID!]!  communityGuidelines: CommunityGuidelines!  premodLinksEnable: Boolean  closeCommenting: CloseCommenting!  flattenReplies: Boolean!  customCSSURL: String  customFontsCSSURL: String  disableDefaultFonts: Boolean!  disableCommenting: DisableCommenting!  editCommentWindowLength: Int!  charCount: CharCount!  organization: Organization!  email: EmailConfiguration!  slack: SlackConfiguration!  wordList: WordList!  auth: Auth!  integrations: ExternalIntegrations!  recentCommentHistory: RecentCommentHistoryConfiguration!  reaction: ReactionConfiguration!  featuredBy: Boolean  topCommenter: TopCommenterConfiguration  newCommenter: NewCommenterConfiguration  staff: BadgeConfiguration!  badges: BadgeConfiguration!  accountFeatures: CommenterAccountFeatures!  stories: StoryConfiguration!  media: MediaConfiguration!  featureFlags: [FEATURE_FLAG!]!  createdAt: Time!  newCommenters: NewCommentersConfiguration!  premoderateSuspectWords: Boolean!  announcement: Announcement  multisite: Boolean!  rte: RTEConfiguration!  memberBios: Boolean!  amp: Boolean!  forReviewQueue: Boolean!  emailDomainModeration: [EmailDomain!]!  protectedEmailDomains: [String!]!  externalProfileURL: String  embeddedComments: EmbeddedCommentsConfiguration  flairBadges: FlairBadgeConfiguration  dsa: DSAConfiguration!  premoderateEmailAddress: PremoderateEmailAddressConfiguration  inPageNotifications: InPageNotificationsConfiguration  showUnmoderatedCounts: Boolean}


id (ID!)#

id is a canonical identifier for this Tenant.

domain (String!)#

domain is the domain that is associated with this Tenant.

webhooks (WebhookConfiguration!)#

webhooks store the webhook configuration.

webhookEvents ([WEBHOOK_EVENT_NAME!]!)#

webhookEvents returns all the events that can trigger webhooks.

staticURI (String)#

staticURI if configured, is the static URI used to serve static files from.

locale (Locale!)#

locale is the specified locale for this Tenant.

live (LiveConfiguration!)#

live provides configuration options related to live updates for stories on this site.

moderation (MODERATION_MODE)#

moderation is the moderation mode for all Stories on the site.

premoderateAllCommentsSites ([ID!]!)#

premoderateAllCommentsSites are the sites that should have all comments premoderated when moderation mode is SPECIFIC_SITES_PRE

communityGuidelines (CommunityGuidelines!)#

communityGuidelines will be shown in the comments stream.

premodLinksEnable (Boolean)#

premodLinksEnable will put all comments that contain links into premod.

closeCommenting (CloseCommenting!)#

closeCommenting contains settings related to the automatic closing of commenting on Stories.

flattenReplies (Boolean!)#

flattenReplies when enabled, will cause all replies that would normally be hidden by a "Show more of this conversation" button to be displayed linearly sorted by date.

customCSSURL (String)#

customCSSURL is the URL of the custom CSS used to display on the frontend.

customFontsCSSURL (String)#

customFontsCSSURL is the URL of the custom CSS with @font-face definitions used to display on the frontend.

disableDefaultFonts (Boolean!)#

disableDefaultFonts will turn off font-face loading of Coral's default fonts.

disableCommenting (DisableCommenting!)#

disableCommenting will disable commenting site-wide.

editCommentWindowLength (Int!)#

editCommentWindowLength is the length of time (in seconds) after a comment is posted that it can still be edited by the author.

charCount (CharCount!)#

charCount stores the character count moderation settings.

organization (Organization!)#

organization stores information about the organization behind this specific instance of Coral.

email (EmailConfiguration!)#

email is the set of credentials and settings associated with the organization.

slack (SlackConfiguration!)#

slack is the configuration for slack communication

wordList (WordList!)#

wordList will return a given list of words.

auth (Auth!)#

auth contains all the settings related to authentication and authorization.

integrations (ExternalIntegrations!)#

integrations contains all the external integrations that can be enabled.

recentCommentHistory (RecentCommentHistoryConfiguration!)#

recentCommentHistory is the set of settings related to how automatic pre-moderation is controlled.

reaction (ReactionConfiguration!)#

reaction specifies the configuration for reactions.

featuredBy (Boolean)#

featuredBy specifies whether or not to display 'Featured by' for featured comments

topCommenter (TopCommenterConfiguration)#

topCommenter specifies whether or not the feature is enabled to show that commenters with comments featured within the last 10 days are top commenters

newCommenter (NewCommenterConfiguration)#

newCommenter specifies whether or not the feature is enabled to show that commenters are new and have joined within the last seven days.

staff (BadgeConfiguration!)#

DEPRECATED: Use badges instead

staff specifies the configuration for the user badges assigned to users with any role above COMMENTER

badges (BadgeConfiguration!)#

badges specifies the configuration for the user badges assigned to users with any role above COMMENTER.

accountFeatures (CommenterAccountFeatures!)#

accountFeatures stores the configuration for commenter account features.

stories (StoryConfiguration!)#

stories stores the configuration around stories.

media (MediaConfiguration!)#

media is the configuration media content attached to Comment's.

featureFlags ([FEATURE_FLAG!]!)#

featureFlags provides the enabled feature flags.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is the time that the Settings was created at.

newCommenters (NewCommentersConfiguration!)#

newCommenters is the configuration for how new commenters comments are treated.

premoderateSuspectWords (Boolean!)#

premoderateSuspectWords when enabled will cause any comments that contain suspect words to be sent to pre-moderation to be reviewed by a moderator prior to being presented in stream.

announcement (Announcement)#

announcement is the currently active Announcement.

multisite (Boolean!)#

multisite is whether multiple sites exist for this tenant.

rte (RTEConfiguration!)#

rte is the configuration of the Rich-Text-Editor.

memberBios (Boolean!)#

memberBios is whether members can define a bio for their account.

amp (Boolean!)#

amp is whether Accelerated Mobile Pages Support is activated.

forReviewQueue (Boolean!)#

forReviewQueue is whether or not to show the For Review queue in the Moderate tab of the admin. This queue allows moderators to review every flag that has been put on a comment by a user. This feature shall help complying with European Law (European Directive 2000/31/CE).

emailDomainModeration ([EmailDomain!]!)#

emailDomainModeration is for any special configuration by email domain for moderating accounts, such as banning or always pre-moderating new users at a certain email domain

protectedEmailDomains ([String!]!)#

protectedEmailDomains is the configuration for email domains that are protected from email domain moderation rules such as all accounts banned

externalProfileURL (String)#

externalProfileURL is a string template for a link to a user's external profile.

embeddedComments (EmbeddedCommentsConfiguration)#

embeddedComments includes the configuration for embedded comments.

flairBadges (FlairBadgeConfiguration)#

flairBadges specifies the configuration for flair badges, including whether they are enabled and any configured image urls

dsa (DSAConfiguration!)#

dsa specifies the configuration for the European Union's DSA compliance features and whether they are enabled.

premoderateEmailAddress (PremoderateEmailAddressConfiguration)#

premoderateEmailAddress is the configuration for finding specific email addresses at sign up and premoderating them according to various rules.

inPageNotifications (InPageNotificationsConfiguration)#

inPageNotifcations is the configuration for in-page notifications, including whether it's enabled as an option for commenters.

showUnmoderatedCounts (Boolean)#

showUnmoderatedCounts is whether to show the unmoderated comment count in the moderation queues.