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type Flag {  id: ID!  flagger: User  comment: Comment!  revision: CommentRevision  reason: COMMENT_FLAG_REASON  additionalDetails: String  reviewed: Boolean!  createdAt: Time!  reportID: String}


id (ID!)#

id is the identifier for this flag action.

flagger (User)#

flagger is the User that created the Flag. If this is null, then the system created the Flag.

comment (Comment!)#

comment is the comment this flag was created on.

revision (CommentRevision)#

revision is the comment revision this flag was generated upon.


reason is the selected reason why the Flag is being created. If the reason is not defined, or existed from a previous version of Coral, it will return null to avoid errors.

additionalDetails (String)#

additionalDetails stores information from the User as to why the Flag was created or is relevant.

reviewed (Boolean!)#

reviewed is whether this flag reason and details have been reviewed by a moderator.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is when this flag was created.

reportID (String)#

reportID is the id of the DSAReport that was created when the comment was flagged as potentially containing illegal content. Only exists for illegal content flag type.