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StoryScrapingConfiguration stores the configuration around story scraping.

type StoryScrapingConfiguration {  enabled: Boolean!  proxyURL: String  customUserAgent: String  authentication: Boolean!  username: String  password: String}


enabled (Boolean!)#

enabled, when true, enables stories to be scraped. When disabled, stories will only be looked up instead, and must be created via the API directly.

proxyURL (String)#

proxyURL when specified, allows scraping requests to use the provided proxy. All requests will then be passed through the appropriate proxy as parsed by the proxy-agent package.

customUserAgent (String)#

customUserAgent when specified will override the user agent used by fetch requests made during the scraping process.

authentication (Boolean!)#

authentication is whether alternative authentication credentials have been provided for scraping activities.

username (String)#

username is the username to use with basic authentication for scraping jobs.

password (String)#

password is the password to use with basic authentication for scraping jobs.