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type SettingsOIDCAuthIntegrationInput {  enabled: Boolean  allowRegistration: Boolean  targetFilter: SettingsAuthenticationTargetFilterInput  name: String  clientID: String  clientSecret: String  authorizationURL: String  tokenURL: String  jwksURI: String  issuer: String}


enabled (Boolean)#

enabled, when true, allows the integration to be enabled.

allowRegistration (Boolean)#

allowRegistration when true will allow users that have not signed up before with this authentication integration to sign up.

targetFilter (SettingsAuthenticationTargetFilterInput)#

targetFilter will restrict where the authentication integration should be displayed. If the value of targetFilter is null, then the authentication integration should be displayed in all targets.

name (String)#

name is the label assigned to reference the provider of the OIDC integration, and will be used in situations where the name of the provider needs to be displayed, like the login button.

clientID (String)#

clientID is the Client Identifier as defined in:

clientSecret (String)#

clientSecret is the Client Secret as defined in:

authorizationURL (String)#

authorizationURL is defined as the authorization_endpoint in:

tokenURL (String)#

tokenURL is defined as the token_endpoint in:

jwksURI (String)#

jwksURI is defined as the jwks_uri in:

issuer (String)#

issuer is defined as the issuer in: