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type PerspectiveExternalIntegration {  enabled: Boolean!  endpoint: String  key: String  threshold: Float  model: String  doNotStore: Boolean  sendFeedback: Boolean}


enabled (Boolean!)#

enabled when True will enable the integration.

endpoint (String)#

The endpoint that Coral should use to communicate with the perspective API.

key (String)#

The key for the Perspective API integration.

threshold (Float)#

The threshold that given a specific toxic comment score, the comment will be marked by Coral as toxic.

model (String)#

model is the Perspective model to use.

doNotStore (Boolean)#

When True, comments sent will not be stored by the Google Perspective API.

sendFeedback (Boolean)#

When True, comment moderation decisions will be sent to the Google Perspective API to help improve the comment analysis algorithms.