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ExternalModerationPhase describes a phase use in the moderation pipeline that calls out to an external resource as defined by the provided URL.

type ExternalModerationPhase {  id: ID!  name: String!  enabled: Boolean!  url: String!  format: COMMENT_BODY_FORMAT!  timeout: Int!  signingSecret: SigningSecret!}


id (ID!)#

id identifies this particular External Moderation Phase.

name (String!)#

name is the name assigned to this ExternalModerationPhase for identification purposes.

enabled (Boolean!)#

enabled when true, will use this phase in the moderation pipeline.

url (String!)#

url is the actual URL that should be called.


format is the format of the comment body sent.

timeout (Int!)#

timeout is the number of milliseconds that this moderation is maximum expected to take before it is skipped.

signingSecret (SigningSecret!)#

signingSecret is the secret used to sign outgoing requests to the url during the moderation pipeline.