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type StorySettings {  live: LiveConfiguration!  moderation: MODERATION_MODE!  premodLinksEnable: Boolean!  messageBox: StoryMessageBox!  mode: STORY_MODE!  experts: [User!]!}


live (LiveConfiguration!)#

live provides configuration options related to live updates on this Story.

moderation (MODERATION_MODE!)#

moderation determines whether or not this is a PRE or POST moderated story.

premodLinksEnable (Boolean!)#

premodLinksEnable will put all comments that contain links into premod.

messageBox (StoryMessageBox!)#

messageBox stores settings related to the Story Message Box.

mode (STORY_MODE!)#

mode is the specified mode that the story should be updated with.

experts ([User!]!)#

experts are used during Q&A mode to assign users to answer questions on a Q&A stream. It is an optional parameter and is only used when the story stream is in Q&A mode.