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type Notification {  id: ID!  ownerID: ID!  type: NOTIFICATION_TYPE  createdAt: Time!  comment: Comment  commentReply: Comment  commentStatus: COMMENT_STATUS  previousStatus: COMMENT_STATUS  rejectionReason: REJECTION_REASON_CODE  decisionDetails: NotificationDecisionDetails  customReason: String  dsaReport: NotificationDSAReportDetails}


id (ID!)#

id is the uuid identifier for the notification.

ownerID (ID!)#

ownerID is the string identifier for who this notification is directed to.


type defines the template type for this notification used to generate it. Useful for sorting and filtering categorized notifications.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is when this notification was created, used for sorting.

comment (Comment)#

comment is the optional comment that is linked to this notification.

commentReply (Comment)#

commentReply is the optional comment reply that is linked to this notification.

commentStatus (COMMENT_STATUS)#

commentStatus is the optional status of the comment when the notification was created. This allows for the context of the state of the comment to be persisted even if the comment reference undergoes multiple moderation actions since the notification was created.

previousStatus (COMMENT_STATUS)#

previousStatus is the optional prior status of the comment when the notification was created. This allows us to determine if a comment was previously pending review, or reported to compare against the current status (rejected, approved, etc).

rejectionReason (REJECTION_REASON_CODE)#

rejectionReason is an optional field that defines why a comment was rejected.

decisionDetails (NotificationDecisionDetails)#

decisionDetails is an optional field that contains further details pertaining to DSA or moderation decisions.

customReason (String)#

customReason is a reason provided for rejection when the Other rejection code is selected.

dsaReport (NotificationDSAReportDetails)#

dsaReport is the details of the DSA Report related to the notification. This is usually in reference to the comment that is also related to the notification.