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type CommentRevision {  id: ID!  comment: Comment!  actionCounts: ActionCounts!  body: String  media: CommentMedia  metadata: CommentRevisionMetadata!  createdAt: Time!  status: COMMENT_STATUS}


id (ID!)#

id is the identifier of the CommentRevision.

comment (Comment!)#

comment is the reference to the original Comment associated with the current Comment.

actionCounts (ActionCounts!)#

actionCounts stores the counts of all the actions for the CommentRevision specifically.

body (String)#

body is the content of the CommentRevision. If null, it indicates that the body text was deleted.

media (CommentMedia)#

media is the optional media object attached to this revision.

metadata (CommentRevisionMetadata!)#

metadata stores details on a CommentRevision.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is the time that the CommentRevision was created.


status is the status of the CommentRevision.