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type CommentModerationAction {  id: ID!  revision: CommentRevision  comment: Comment  status: COMMENT_STATUS!  moderator: User  rejectionReason: RejectionReason  createdAt: Time!  customReason: String}


id (ID!)#

revision (CommentRevision)#

revision is the moderated CommentRevision.

comment (Comment)#

comment is the moderated Comment.


status represents the status that was assigned by the moderator.

moderator (User)#

moderator is the User that performed the Moderator action. If null, this means that the system has assigned the moderation status.

rejectionReason (RejectionReason)#

reason is the reason the comment was rejected, if it was rejected

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is the time that the CommentModerationAction was created.

customReason (String)#

customReason is a reason provided for rejection when the Other rejection code is selected.