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type NotificationDSAReportDetails {  id: ID!  createdAt: Time!  referenceID: String!  comment: Comment  user: User  lawBrokenDescription: String  additionalInformation: String  submissionID: ID}


id (ID!)#

id is the primary identifier of the DSA report.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is the date when this report was created

referenceID (String!)#

referenceID is the friendly identifier that is human readable for the DSA report.

comment (Comment)#

comment is the comment associated with the DSA report.

user (User)#

user is the target user (of the comment) the DSA report pertains to.

lawBrokenDescription (String)#

lawBrokenDescription describes the law that was allegedly broken in the DSA report.

additionalInformation (String)#

additionalInformation is any further relevant details added by the user who filed the DSA report.

submissionID (ID)#

submissionID is the linking id that connects this DSA report to other reports that may have been submitted at the same time by the same reporting user as a collection of co-related DSA reports.