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type CreateDSAReportInput {  commentID: ID!  userID: ID  lawBrokenDescription: String!  additionalInformation: String!  submissionID: ID  commentRevisionID: String  clientMutationId: String!}


commentID (ID!)#

id of the reported comment

userID (ID)#

id of the user who submitted the DSAReport

lawBrokenDescription (String!)#

lawBrokenDescription is the text entered by the submitting user to describe which law is broken by the reported comment

additionalInformation (String!)#

additionalInformation is more explanation entereted by the submitting user to describe how the comment breaks the law

submissionID (ID)#

submissionID keeps track of comments that were submitted together in one form

commentRevisionID (String)#

commentRevisionID is the revision ID for the comment for which a DSA report is being submitted.

clientMutationId (String!)#

clientMutationId is required for Relay support.