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type UpdateUserBanInput {  userID: ID!  banSiteIDs: [ID!]  unbanSiteIDs: [ID!]  message: String!  rejectExistingComments: Boolean  rejectionReason: RejectCommentReasonInput  clientMutationId: String!}


userID (ID!)#

userID is the id of the user whose ban status should be updated

banSiteIDs ([ID!])#

banSiteIDs are the ids of sites on which the user should be banned

unbanSiteIDs ([ID!])#

unbanSiteIDs are the ids of sites on which the user should be unbanned

message (String!)#

message is the message that should be sent to the user (if sites have been added to their ban list)

rejectExistingComments (Boolean)#

rejectExistingComments is whether existing comments should be rejected on sites on which the user has been newly banned, if any.

rejectionReason (RejectCommentReasonInput)#

rejectionReason is the reason provided for why any existing comments are being rejected if DSA is enabled

clientMutationId (String!)#

clientMutationID is required for relay support