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User is someone that leaves Comments, and logs in.

type User {  id: ID!  username: String  avatar: String  badges: [String!]  email: String  duplicateEmail: String  emailVerified: Boolean  profiles: [Profile!]!  role: USER_ROLE!  moderatorNotes: [ModeratorNote!]!  ignoreable: Boolean!  comments(    first: Int = 10    orderBy: COMMENT_SORT = "CREATED_AT_DESC"    after: Cursor  ): CommentsConnection!  allComments(first: Int = 10, after: Cursor): CommentsConnection!  rejectedComments(first: Int = 10, after: Cursor): CommentsConnection!  ongoingDiscussions(limit: Int = 5): [Story!]!  recentCommentHistory: RecentCommentHistory!  commentModerationActionHistory(    first: Int = 10    after: Cursor  ): CommentModerationActionConnection!  status: UserStatus!  tokens: [Token!]!  ignoredUsers: [User!]!  notifications: UserNotificationSettings!  createdAt: Time!  lastDownloadedAt: Time  scheduledDeletionDate: Time  deletedAt: Time  moderationScopes: UserModerationScopes  membershipScopes: UserMembershipScopes  ssoURL: String  mediaSettings: UserMediaSettings!  bio: String}


id (ID!)#

id is the identifier of the User.

username (String)#

username is the name of the User visible to other Users.

avatar (String)#

avatar is the url to the avatar for a specific User.

badges ([String!])#

badges are user display badges

email (String)#

email is the current email address for the User.

duplicateEmail (String)#

duplicateEmail is set on users that have a matching email with another user in the database. Only relevant during the account completion process.

emailVerified (Boolean)#

emailVerified when true indicates that the given email address has been verified.

profiles ([Profile!]!)#

profiles is the array of profiles assigned to the user.

role (USER_ROLE!)#

role is the current role of the User.

moderatorNotes ([ModeratorNote!]!)#

moderatorNotes are notes left by moderators about the User.

ignoreable (Boolean!)#

ignoreable is a computed property based on the user's role. Typically, users with elevated privileges aren't allowed to be ignored.

comments (CommentsConnection!)#

comments are the comments written by the User.

allComments (CommentsConnection!)#

allComments are comments regardless of visibility status.

rejectedComments (CommentsConnection!)#

rejectedComments are comments that have been rejected.

ongoingDiscussions ([Story!]!)#

ongoingDiscussions are stories where the given user has written comments in sorted by their last comment date.

recentCommentHistory (RecentCommentHistory!)#

recentCommentHistory returns recent commenting history by the User.

commentModerationActionHistory (CommentModerationActionConnection!)#

commentModerationActionHistory returns a CommentModerationActionConnection that this User has created.

status (UserStatus!)#

status stores the user status information regarding moderation state.

tokens ([Token!]!)#

tokens lists the access tokens associated with the account.

ignoredUsers ([User!]!)#

ignoredUsers will return the list of ignored users.

notifications (UserNotificationSettings!)#

notifications stores the notification settings for the given User.

createdAt (Time!)#

createdAt is the time that the User was created at.

lastDownloadedAt (Time)#

lastDownloadedAt the last time the user made a download request of their account data.

scheduledDeletionDate (Time)#

scheduledDeletionDate is the time when the User is scheduled to be deleted.

deletedAt (Time)#

deletedAt is the time when the User was deleted.

moderationScopes (UserModerationScopes)#

moderationScopes describes the scopes for moderation. These only apply when the user has a MODERATOR role.

membershipScopes (UserMembershipScopes)#

membershiptScopes describes the scopes for membership. These only apply when the user has a MEMBER role.

ssoURL (String)#

ssoURL is the url for managing sso account

mediaSettings (UserMediaSettings!)#

mediaSettings are the user's preferences around media stream behaviour.

bio (String)#

bio is a user-defined biography.